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The King & His Kingdom

In the 40 days leading up to Easter (the season known as Lent), join us for a special series, NOW, BUT NOT YET – The King and His Kingdom.  Sunday messages, 10am, March 6 – April 17,  will be a study of God’s Kingdom. You’re invited for In Person Sunday Services. Services will also be Live Streamed..

You can go deeper using the beautifully designed 90-page, Now, But Not Yet Devotional containing stories, Scripture readings, reflection questions and more.  These books are available for purchase at Bethel or you may download a free pdf copy using the link below. You may also listen to the Devotional using the audio links below.

When Jesus entered Jerusalem as a humble king, He heard cries of “Hosanna”; the crowds looked for a king who would liberate them from Roman oppression.  And indeed, He was a King, but His liberation was different and infinitely better: He brought freedom from sin and death with the offer of life beyond this life.

Today, He continues to make that offer for He truly is “The King of Kings and Lord of Lords” REVELATON 19:16.

Listen to the Audio Devotional